Reinsurance Policies


Selman, Leichenger, Edson, Hsu, Newman & Moore LLP has considerable experience in the field of reinsurance, representing both cedents and carriers who have assumed reinsurance risks. Neil Selman has primary responsibility for this work. He has handled countless matters analyzing claims under facultative certificates, many of which involve long-tale loss claims, including environmental, asbestos and long-term chemical exposure claims. They have also handled matters involving submissions pursuant to reinsurance treaties.

Their work includes analyzing claims submissions, the facultative certificate or treaty, conducting additional investigations, securing additional information from the ceding carrier as necessary and providing the client with written recommendations regarding the claim.

Neil Selman has also assisted cedents in attempting to secure reimbursement from nonpaying reinsurers. This work focuses on generally gathering and supplying documentation supporting the basis and reasonableness of the settlement, providing a written analysis of the same and, as necessary, arbitrating the claim as required. Additionally, Mr. Selman has served as witnesses and expert witnesses in reinsurance matters, including cases involving an eight-figure settlement of an environmental matter, alleged clergy abuse matters and matters involving entertainment policies.

Additionally, our firm has represented carriers in declaratory judgment actions relating to facultative certificates.

If you would like to discuss a specific reinsurance issue, please contact us to speak with an attorney.