Industrial Machinery & Manufacturers

Selman Breitman LLP has extensive experience in handling product liability claims involving industrial machinery. We are often called to accident locations soon after an industrial accident to manage the investigation process, and to preserve important evidence and the accident scene. Litigation has been successfully avoided or defended involving various industrial machines, including punch presses, transfer mold presses, and press brakes, to name a few. Representation has included the manufacturers of such machines and the companies using the machines to manufacture their products. We understand how Cal/OSHA gets involved and the effect of its involvement. Selman Breitman lawyers get to know the manufacturing process in which the machine was used in order to determine the best defense arguments. Asserting the exclusive remedy defense, and avoiding the power press exception to the defense, is often a part of this type of litigation, and Selman Breitman has an excellent track record of getting summary judgment on these issues.

Selman Breitman has a team of experienced lawyers specializing in the representation of manufacturers and suppliers in areas ranging from corporate structure, labor disputes, contract negotiations, product liability defense and business litigation. Our clients range from small local business to a multinational supplier of industrial supplies.

We offer preventative advice and training seminars to our clients and their employees on new and existing laws that impact project development and business operations. One of our goals is to help clients avoid litigation, and our clients have found these training seminars to be helpful in achieving this goal.

Another significant benefit to our clients is the firm's knowledge of insurance law and contractual indemnity issues. This specialized knowledge promotes a higher success rate in tendering claims to other insurers and parties, thereby either extricating our client's involvement or significantly reducing the cost factor. We also ensure our clients obtain the full benefits of applicable insurance in order to minimize the overall cost of legal expenses.