Homeowners Associations

Selman Breitman has a team of lawyers to defend and prosecute claims for homeowners associations ranging from defending an association for alleged negligence in effecting successful repairs, to suing contractors for negligent construction and/or repairs to the subject project.

Due to our long history of handling construction defect claims that primarily involve an association, we have the expertise and experience to address the concerns and issues that an association confronts when sued by a member, including claims of breach of fiduciary duties by its board. Unfortunately, associations at one time or another must confront issues of defective construction and/or defective repairs, and it is critical that counsel have the knowledge and understanding of construction and real estate development to properly advise the association.

Selman Breitman's attorneys have that expertise and have the resources available, such as knowledgeable construction consultants, to provide our clients with the best advice possible. Additionally, with our knowledge of insurance coverage, we can assist an association and/or board in potentially obtaining coverage and/or pursuing another party's insurance coverage. Homeowners associations must conform to specific requirements under Civil Code section 1350 et seq., known as the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of those requirements, which is critical in successfully representing the association.

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