Department of Insurance Issues


Selman, Leichenger, Edson, Hsu, Newman & Moore LLP lawyers are often called upon to respond to inquiries from the California Department of Insurance (CDI) and the Nevada Division of Insurance. We develop appropriate and strategic responses to demands for information and policyholder complaints. We also review policy forms and advise our clients on how to revise policy forms prior to submission to the departments of insurance in several states.

Issues can be mitigated and often avoided under the legal counsel of our firm.Our attorneys bring to bear decades of experience protecting insurer interests in California, Nevada, and other states. We are intimately familiar with the insurance codes, regulatory codes and licensing. We remain abreast of all developments thereto.

Our attorneys are experienced counselors, advocates and litigators. We offer training relating to current government regulations, proposed regulations, legal rulings and department/division opinions regarding laws and other issues. We assist in-house counsel with all issues relating to state regulations, and we help to strategically pursue the most effective and efficient steps to dispute resolution.

Contact us to speak with an experienced attorney in this area. We are responsive to your immediate concerns.