Selman Breitman attorneys have extensive experience handling claims of damages and injury stemming from exposure to chemicals. We have defended cases involving a wide range of chemicals and injuries, including burns, cancer, fear of cancer, multiple chemical sensitivity, respiratory disorders and other acute and chronic disorders. Our extensive background in the defense of these cases allows us to represent and advise clients concerning any chemical exposure matters, regardless of the nature of the claim.

Our understanding of the technical and medical aspects of chemical injury claims, combined with our knowledge of the latest scientific research, allows us to defend the most complex of cases. We provide aggressive, effective defense for our clients by identifying key issues involved in complicated cases and organizing effective defense strategies.

Selman Breitman is experienced in handling large volumes of information and has the ability to customize reporting based on each individual client's needs. This experience allows us to improve efficiency of our defense, thereby reduce costs to our clients.

If you would like to discuss a specific chemical injury issue, please contact us to speak with a toxic tort attorney at Selman Breitman.

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