Catastrophic Personal Injury Defense

Selman Breitman has a long history of handling the worst-of-the-worst in catastrophic personal injury cases. Whether the injuries, diseases and/or deaths are caused through industrial accidents, alleged exposure to toxic substances, construction accidents, truck/bus/car crashes, alleged medical malpractice or some other cause, we have been there before.

We understand the importance of early investigation, preservation of evidence and witness testimony, and investigation with a view that the case may one day have to be tried with millions of dollars at risk. On the medical side, we know how to work with medical and life-care experts to evaluate the severity of a catastrophic injury, and understand the potential financial burdens of injuries such as quadriplegia, paraplegia or brain damage. Selman Breitman understands how to work with expert economists to determine the verdict potential of a case with such injuries, and we know how to evaluate the case for settlement.

Experienced, Accomplished Trial Lawyers

Ultimately, if the case cannot be settled, we can and do try this type of case often, and we are not intimidated by the scope of the claim.  These cases regularly include claims of punitive damages, which can and should be attacked early and often. We have a high success rate for removing punitive damage claims before trial even begins, which aids in settlement discussions.

Because a catastrophic injury case can be accompanied by unwelcomed attention from the press, Selman Breitman is experienced in handling press-related issues appropriately and discreetly.

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