Over the years, Selman Breitman has been at the lead of the defense of benzene-related matters in California. We have long-standing relationships with not only defense firms and experts, but also the typical plaintiffs' firms. These relationships make what can be a very contentious lawsuit into a smoothly run case.

We have vast experience defending against benzene claims involving plaintiffs suffering from multiple leukemia variants, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, lung cancer and other cancers. Due to the variety of diseases claimed in different cases, there are oftentimes little to no scientific or epidemiological studies to support plaintiffs' broad contentions that any amount of benzene exposure can cause any type of disease.

Creative, Strategic Defense

Our attorneys' knowledge of the medical and scientific literature allows them to design detailed defense strategies, frequently resulting in the dismissal of the client or resolution by summary adjudication.

Most benzene cases do not involve exposure by a plaintiff to pure benzene; rather, they allege exposure to "trace benzene," where benzene may be present at almost imperceptible levels as a minor constituent or contaminant of our clients' products. In the defense of these cases, our goal is to limit the amount of exposure by a plaintiff to our client's products, search for alternate exposures, utilize experts to attack the causation issues and ensure that our client has fully complied with all applicable laws regarding warnings. In doing so, we are able to frequently educate our clients regarding safety and potential safety hazards, thereby avoiding future litigation.

If you would like to discuss an issue relating to a benzene claim, please contact us to speak with a leading subject matter attorney.

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