San Diego Lawyer Publishes Todd Haas Article on Coaching High School Mock Trial Competition

An article written by San Diego partner Todd Haas has been published in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of San Diego Lawyer. “High School Mock Trial: Experience for a Lifetime” describes Todd's experience as an attorney coach in the San Diego County High School Mock Trial Competition which took place in February.

More than 40 attorneys coached 27 teams of approximately 500 high school students in the competition, in which students learn firsthand what a court system entails and how our judicial system works.

Coaches help the teams prepare for the mock trial, holding practice sessions and one-on-one practice examinations. The attorneys help the teams develop trial strategy and litigation tactics. This is often the students' first opportunity for public speaking, and this experience helps these young people develop analytical abilities, communication skills, and self-confidence that can benefit many areas of their lives.

Todd Haas has been Vice Chair of the Insurance & Bad Faith section of the San Diego County Bar Association since 2015.

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