Law360 Publishes Asir Fiola: "Demanding Fairness in Evaluating Past Medical Damages"

May 17, 2018

Orange County Partner Asir Fiola has been published by Law360 with his article, "Demanding Fairness in Evaluating Past Medical Damages."

In the article, Asir discusses a recent ruling from the California Court of Appeals for the Second Appellate District, in Pebley v. Santa Clara Organics LLC, and its impact on the medical and insurance industries, as well as the general public:

[Pebley] encourages plaintiffs in personal injury actions, who are covered by medical insurance, to continue the trend of seeking medical treatment that would normally be covered by their insurance plans from physicians who are outside their coverage plans. The result will be to dramatically increase the amount of medical expenses incurred for the sole purpose of driving up the potential settlement value and verdict awards. This will result in an unjust windfall for plaintiffs, higher costs for society at large and will also conflict with the policy goal of encouraging settlements.

A copy of the full article can be downloaded below.

For more information on Pebley and its impacts, please contact Asir Fiola.