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A Fork in the Road: Michael Gelfound Provides “Best Practices” for when Insurers Face Two Options Once an Insured Tenders Suit

An insurer is faced with two options when its insured tenders a suit and coverage is doubtful. One, it could deny coverage but risk a bad faith suit in retaliation. Or two, the insurer could defend under a reservation of rights and seek reimbursement in another action. Both come with financial risk and costly litigation, therefore, taking time upfront to proactively investigate and adequately assess the suit plays a key role in the decision the insurer makes.

Michael provides a real-life case study that illustrates which direction the insurer should have taken when it came to the proverbial fork in the road. A copy of the full article can be downloaded below. Please feel free to contact Michael at with any questions or to discuss best practices when it comes to determining coverage vs non-coverage and what to consider to avoid defending a bad faith suit or having to seek reimbursement of legal defense fees down the road.


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